July, 18

Started as associate developer at Digiapt

Played support role in debugging Angular, JQuery , AngularJS applications, Involved in UI development and bug fixes

Oct, 18

Picked up Angular 4, 6,

Worked with a larger team, Debugging live application, Making hot fixes and releasing to production.

Apr, 19

On site project

Learnt project management and client handling, Advanced Angular concepts, Opportunity to work on improving SEO, Exposure to Java Vertx framework.

Aug, 19

Hands on experience in Python Django

Learnt to do code reviews, Managing small teams, Handling technical problem solving sessions with different set of technologies.

Apr, 20

Onboarded to a larger project

Managed larger UI teams, Learnt to write reusable css blocks with BEM, Handson development on advanced react concepts, Opportunity to get involved in building complex UIs in React and Material UI.

Aug, 20

Handson development on Bigcommerce project

Picked up new UI skills - stencil theme development, Experience in efficient knowledge transfer.

Feb, 21

Started on fullstack development

Picked up NodeJs, Integrated a set of third party sdks, Exposure to micro front end, Learnt mySQL, MongoDB, Python Flask as part of the role, Architecting small applications.

Aug, 21

Promoted to tech lead

Started on internal product development, Got handson experience in managing product development, Learnt importance of addressing technical debts, Taking ownership of the projects, Experience in mentoring junior teams, Helping in hiring technical team.

Nov, 21

Onboarded to next project along with a larger team

Opportunity to learn azure devops, Opportunity to learn large enterprise angular application development, Exposure to a wide range of infrastructure tools, Picked up D3.js and got handson experience in creating a variety of visualizations for analytics.

Feb, 22

Still continuing on the projects

Supporting hiring and mentoring junior teams, Started exploring the blockchain technology for internal product, Continuous learning and the journey continues.

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