Aug, 20 - Sep, 20

Joining experience

Was joined digiapt as associate software developer on 10-Aug-20, bit nervous on my first day how it will goes with this company, what kind of projects they will assign. So later the team assigned a job portal project to check how they implemented and coding structure. So for few days worked on job portal project, and learnt good stuff in that. And also started learning new technology called webflow ( webflow is a CMS can build custom sites ), by using that implemented few pages in one project.

Oct, 20 - Dec, 20

New project experience

So the team added me to a new big project, so in that projects started learning new things with team members and they started giving tasks to implement so i started working on that tasks and it's challenging for me because the technology they used typescript in the project it's new to me, so because of this project learnt typescript and how we can demo to the clients, project deadline.

Jan, 21 - Mar, 21

The new skills that i learnt in project

In this month period team assigned a PWA project and this project have to implement push notifications also, so the project bit difficult because before haven't worked on PWA projects and firebase notification. So took challenge and started learning & working, me and with team. The team in digiapt is always helped me with learn new technologies.

Apr, 21 - Present

The project present i'm working on

From April started working on a job portal project, learnt few react libraries how to use in components, and few difficulty functionalities learnt and implemented in the project with team. Such a good experience with this job portal project still going on. Learning new stuff all the time.

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