May, 19 - Jun, 19

Joining experience

I joined digiapt as an associate software developer on 27-May-19, It was an exciting day as it was my first IT job and a kick start to my career. I was given assignments to check my skills, it went well. Later I was under probation period and got trained to strengthen my skills and overcome my weaknesses. It was a good start and gave me confidence for further learning in digiapt.

July, 19 - Dec, 19

New project experience.

After my training, I was moved into a video based communication project and was added to a team. The team members gave me the best support to learn the in and out of the project and its requirements. It was a very good atmosphere with learning minds together which made us share and gain knowledge with each other and also made me push myself further to the next level.

Jan, 19 - Jun, 19

The odds that I overcame.

In this period of digiapt, I was assigned to a vast project of healthcare domain. The project was huge and had many features that would challenge the skills of the team. We had to meet the time constraint with good number features that must be developed and well tested for the production release. So we had to put all our 100% efforts and smartness and gather all the ideas and trust each member of the team from planning to production release without re-working our strategy. Team work gave us the fruit of success.

July, 20 - Dec, 20

Support got from digiapt.

During this time phase, I was on a break due to personal reasons for a month but got a great support from digiapt and team to take over the projects that I was handling and gave me a hand by filling my place without disturbing the projects and was given back to me without any issue to continue has it was. I felt very grateful the support I got from the team which I will prosper in memories of digiapt. Later I was handling minor projects with frequent releases to the client and got an experience to learn various aspects of the project development cycle.

Jan, 21 - Present

Current projects that i'm working on

Currently I am working on a job portal application and regular support for the campaigns for the digiapt. Also exploring few new concepts that I can add to my bag of knowledge and apply it in the upcoming future projects that would help me to understand better and would also strengthen my carrier and digiapt.

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