Amazon Alexa Platform

Inventory Management

AAmazon Alexa Platform:(Voice interaction bots) Here the communication takes place through voice of user. User directly communicates with Alexa device which responds https://www.youtube.com/watch v=iveuaTbyBOo My project in Amazonalexa B2B Soundbites: This is a bot where user selects his prefferd interest in a list of options and so user gets the details of the things that experts belongs to that
industry say and it even trans codes the speech of the experts and send it to user. The experts of different industries call to a twilio number and record their opinions and speech which will be transition coded to text and saved . Based on sentimental analysis also user can get the data. Here the user gives voice commands to alexa and alexa responds back to user ,Here user listen to the expert openions through alexa.

The application is built using the following technology

MySql, Node Js.


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